Work Session for S.B. 554 – Allowing For Bans on Concealed Carry

There is a work session scheduled for today (4/23) at 11AM for SB 554 (allows for bans on concealed carry). During this work session it is expected that SB 554 will be heavily amended to include most of HB 2510 (safe storage) and to reduce some of the effects of SB 554. You can read the proposed amendment here.

The effects of this amendment are complex, and it is worth your while to read this amendment carefully. Changes include, but are not limited to, the following:

Strict liability has been removed from the safe storage portion. Instead, violation is “negligence per se” and “The presumption of negligence may not be overcome by a showing that the person acted reasonably.”

Guns must be sold with an engaged trigger or cable lock or in a locked container.

OHA is no longer charged with defining criteria for locking mechanisms or containers.

Locked gun rooms no longer count as locked containers, but a secured domicile still suffices.

For the SB 554 (concealed carry) portions:

Concealed carry bans may be imposed for government buildings, major airports (over 1 million passengers per year), and school buildings run by a college or school system.

If someone brings a firearm into a prohibited zone and has a concealed handgun license, and can show that they had a license in court, it’s now a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

As a reminder, we (the DPO Gun Owners Caucus) voted to oppose SB 554 because it would lead to a difficult-to-navigate series of concealed carry bans. This amendment ameliorates that and also makes violation a misdemeanor instead of a felony. We (the DPO Gun Owners Caucus) also voted to oppose HB 2510 on the grounds that strict liability is too much and we don’t trust the OHA to provide suitable criteria. This amendment eliminates those objections as well.

Because this amendment makes substantial changes to two important bills, it is imperative that you read if for yourself and then testify to the committee. Because work on this bill will take place in an 11AM work session at which testimony is not admitted, we encourage you to submit testimony for the THURSDAY hearings by tomorrow morning at 8AM. 

To testify on SB 554 and the amendment:

We recommend using this page to upload your written testimony. When you do:

For “Choose a Committee,” make sure that “House Committee on Rules” is selected.

For “Choose a Meeting Date,” select “4/22/2021 8:00 AM” (yes, really)

Select “SB 554” (it’s the only one being heard at that time slot)

You can now upload a PDF of your written testimony, or submit up to 4000 characters of text. When you submit your testimony:

  • PLEASE be detailed as to your reasons for supporting or opposing.
  • PLEASE be polite to a fault.
  • PLEASE mention that you are a Gun Owning Democrat.