Wonderful News – Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Denies Permit to Jordan Cove Terminal / LNG Pipeline Project

While this appears to be the death knell for the Jordan Cove / LNG project, we need to remain vigilant…this Phoenix has risen from the ashes before.  Read Rogue Climate’s May 6, 2019 press release for additional information.

Show the members of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality your appreciation for their hard work and consideration on this important issue.  Send them a well deserved “Thank you!” by letter or email.  While you’re at it, the people at noLNGexports.org, RogueClimate.org, RogueRiverkeepers.org, the Klamath Tribes, the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, and many other organizations who worked so hard to keep this issue at the forefront and keep us all informed also deserve our warmest appreciation.  Please, let them know you care!