Willow-Witt Resilient Forestry Tour on Saturday, July 28th

On behalf of Beyond Toxics, I would like to specially invite you to the Willow-Witt Resilient Forestry Tour on Saturday, July 28th. The event takes place on Suzanne Willow and Lanita Witt’s own Willow-Witt Ranch, a 445-acre gem in Southern Oregon’s high country located about 30 minutes from Ashland, OR.

The “Resilient Forestry” practices provide a glimpse of the future of modern forestry that will serve both human needs and forest biodiversity to better adapt to the challenges of climate change.

This tour provides a unique opportunity to look inside a sustainably-managed forest and see how this approach creates healthy ecosystems and sequesters carbon while sustaining healthy air and water in the face of climate change. Suzanne and Lanita will guide community members through a working forest and wetland and highlight their management practices that focus on non-toxic management, environmental protection, wildlife and botanical biodiversity, and carbon storage. Topics such as caring for rich soil and honoring the development of slow growth trees and undisturbed wetlands without the use of synthetic herbicides and fertilizers will be discussed.

We will also discuss state climate legislation, The Clean Energy Jobs bill, and the role of forestry to reduce carbon emissions.

There is a $10 registration fee for this event that includes a light lunch and transportation to and from Ashland. Register at beyondtoxics.org. For more information, contact me directly. (There is also a music concert and dinner after the tour, but that is a separate registration.)

To register, call 541-465-8860 or go to http://www.beyondtoxics.org/events/willow-witt-resilient-forestry-tour/

We hope that you can join us for this informative and fun event!

The tour will be personally guided by Suzanne and Lanita and will highlight their sustainable management focus on caring for rich soils and honoring the development of slow growth trees and undisturbed wetlands. Resilient forest stands are increasingly important since climate change puts Oregon forests at serious risk from surges in disease, drought, and wildfires. Lisa Arkin, executive director of Beyond Toxics will discuss how resilient forests are figuring in recent discussions on climate change by the Oregon State Legislature.

Ariella Dahlin