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Letters to the editor are one of the ways we get our point of view across in the community. Below are two letters from our members that the Courier recently published.  
From Jean Mount. Pub. July 4.

County is overreaching with firearms ordinance

Most Oregonians want reasonable gun safety measures. And in 2017, one reasonable gun control law was passed by the legislature. This law, SB 719, allows “extreme risk protection orders” and temporarily forbids a person from possessing or purchasing deadly weapons if they are deemed an imminent threat to themselves or others. But that protection law may not be enforced in Josephine County.

At a county hearing Tuesday, a firearms ordinance was approved by the commissioners that would restrict reasonable gun control measures. It prohibits the use of public funds, personnel or equipment to investigate, detect, apprehend or incarcerate persons related to defined firearms situations. Ordinance 2018-002 is unnecessary and is an overreach of county authority.

This county firearms ordinance is likely to be found invalid, which will result in more cost to the taxpayer. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not give unlimited rights; it’s within the rights of the electorate to regulate arms. And county law does not supersede state or federal law.

Ask your commissioners to not approve the second reading of this ordinance on July 25.

From Anita Savio, Pub. July 5.

Praise for an objective, professional newspaper

This is just too ironic. Letter writer Martin D. Zottola expressed concern that journalists, including Courier editor Scott Stoddard, may not be trusted to do their job “objectively and professionally” in this “climate of false reporting  (Letters, July 3).” Yet lo and behold, the Courier publishes Mr. Zottola’s critical letter. I think the Courier, under the guidance of Stoddard, just demonstrated the difference between false and tendentious journalism and journalism that epitomizes objectivity and professionalism. Kudos to Stoddard and the Courier!


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