We the People means Everyone

The celebration of diversity, acceptance, and community was on full display as the residents of Josephine County came together on Saturday for the second annual Pride event. Organized by (not a)  Cult Productions, the event surpassed all expectations, featuring a vibrant blend of food trucks, local vendors, and live entertainment. We are proud to say the Josephine County Democrats were there to join in the festivities and provide support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Our Chair, Colette Storms, Treasurer Michael Storms, and the head of our Stonewall (LGBTQ+) Caucus, Brittany Weifenbach, were at the helm of our outreach effort. Their passion, commitment, and welcoming energy were instrumental in engaging with the community.

We are pleased to report that our team was able to distribute a multitude of pride flags, helping everyone present to display their support for the LGBTQ+ community vibrantly and visibly. Additionally, we guided attendees in creating custom buttons – a fun, interactive way to express their unique identities and solidarity with the cause.

In our ongoing efforts to engage with our community and support democratic processes, we also offered assistance in verifying voter registrations. It was heartening to see people take an active interest in affirming their eligibility to vote. In line with this, we received an encouraging number of sign-ups for our newsletters. We believe that an informed community is an empowered community, and we look forward to welcoming some of these new subscribers at future Dems meetings.

The event served as a shining testament to the collective power of a community that embraces diversity. The overwhelming community support was evident not only in ticket sales but also in the sense of unity and inclusion radiating throughout the fairgrounds. This Pride event serves as a reminder that when we say “We the People,” we indeed mean everyone.

As the Josephine County Democrats, we remain steadfast in our commitment to equality, inclusivity, and a democracy that works for all. Thank you to everyone who showed up, shared in the spirit of Pride, and took part in the democratic process. We can’t wait to see you at the next meeting!