United in Blue: A Reflective Wrap-up of the 2023 Josephine County Fair

The curtains have fallen on the 2023 Josephine County Fair, and what an event it was! We owe a heartfelt “Thank You” to every single one of our volunteers who ensured that the Democratic Party booth remained vibrant, energetic, and full of life throughout. The JoCo Democrat booth was not just a booth, but a gathering spot, resonating with both young hearts and the wise ones. With the Stonewall Caucus banner flying high, we proudly signaled our booth as an inclusive spot of unity, especially resonating with the queer youth who graced the Fair.

Our generous giveaways were an absolute hit! We distributed a plethora of items: flags, stickers, bracelets, buttons, and those delightful pinwheels that caught everyone’s attention. And what’s more? Numerous attendees signed up for our email newsletter, eager to stay in the loop. Our “Let’s Turn JoCo Blue” banner was a beacon of hope and inspiration, receiving nods of approval and enthusiastic thumbs-ups.

In addition to our booth activities, we passionately supported the Citizens for Responsible Government charter petition. Our booth became a hub of information, educating countless visitors. The response? Page after page adorned with signatures from supportive fair-goers!

Our advocacy didn’t stop there. We also ardently stood with Mayor Sara Bristol, urging everyone in Grants Pass to cast their votes against the recall slated for September 12, 2023. To further this cause, non-partisan community members are organizing a “Support Sara” Rally on August 26th, starting at Noon, right at the heart of our community—the Josephine County Courthouse. We urge every resident to join hands, bringing friends, family, and neighbors to create a chorus of support for Sara. Let’s show her that her community believes in her.

For those wishing to extend their support financially for Mayor Sara, contributions can be made to:

Sara Bristol for Mayor PAC
850 NE 10th St.
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Alternatively, you can show your backing by donating online at donorbox.org/retain-mayor-bristol.

Every bit helps in this crucial moment for our community.