UnElect Walden Action Committee — Plans from 11/14/17 Meeting

Action:  Set up a candidate’s forum for third week of January, tentatively. Work with neighboring Democrats and Indivisible groups as well as the League of Women Voters getting this set up.  Work with those groups to get out publicity about it.  Sheri will contact the candidates to find out their schedules.

Work with Indivisible on getting letters and information out to newspapers and social media to sow dissatisfaction with Walden.

Discussion:  Howard: PCPs will have to do the grassroots work to get our voters to turn out.  Low turnout is what gets Republicans elected.  Get out and remind people to vote.  Call and meet Democrats in your area. Have house parties.  Dixie said she is going to have a meet-and-greet fundraiser for Jamie Skinner-McLeod. She said contact her if you want to attend.

The group decided not to support one primary Democratic candidate over another, but to take responsibility for getting information out to our primary voters.  So far there are seven candidates.  Sheri Morin will call the candidates to get more information, stickers, buttons, for the office.

People living in the DeFazio district nevertheless agreed to help with the CD2 campaign.

Sheri will email the link for access to Rickert’s Walden information.

The group agreed we should have a candidate’s night/forum the third week of January.  We should work with Indivisible and neighboring Democratic groups to get out publicity on this and work with the League of Women Voters as possible moderators.  We will all submit questions we want to ask the candidates.

Mark pointed out that he expects Walden to get a primary opponent himself.

Michele Kyle said the Indivisibles had a meeting in The Dalles.  Will contact all Democratic parties in the district and help people write letters, have a repository for letters people can just sign, possibly have workshops for helping people write letters and posts for Facebook, social media.  Letters can be used in a variety of ways, not just as letters to the editor.  She said the aim is to build dissatisfaction with the current Congressman and get people to thinking they’d like to see an alternative to him get elected.  A media list of all newspapers and other media in the district will be needed.  The goal is to have letters go out every week until the election in November.

Lynda and Sheri said we could possibly use our office for letter-writing workshops.

Reminders:  Democrats are the party of the “whole” while Republicans are “every man for himself.”

We need to get our message back!

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