The Upcoming “Reconciliation” Bill

The Inflation Reduction Act which is highly publicized is a big deal. Here is what it contains:

  • Reducing carbon emissions. Cuts carbon emissions an estimated 40% by 2030.
  • Incentives for clean energy. This bill will incentivize critical investment in clean energy technology to end our reliance on dirty fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Creating jobs. Invests in clean energy technology and creates good-paying jobs on American soil.
  • Medicare drug price negotiation. Empowers Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs to lower costs for seniors in Medicare.
  • Capping drug price-gouging. Imposes penalties on drug companies that raise the price of prescription drugs faster than inflation.
  • Paying their fair share. Raises taxes on corporations to ensure Big Pharma and Big Tech start paying their fair share.

All good stuff. Democrats are “Working for You”… not the corporations, not the wealthy. Senators, get it done NOW!

By the way, have you noticed, gas prices are reducing? I saw one station in Grants Pass below $5.

Let’s make sure the Democrats keep the House and the Senator this November. Here are a couple of things you can do right now:

  • Volunteer! Join the Vote Blue Neighborhood Team.
  • Help Joe Yetter in his campaign in Congressional District 2. There is a Match going on right now. Any contribution will help, $5 or more. Contribute here.
  • Join in on the 8/28 BBQ Fundraiser for Brady Keister, candidate for Oregon House District 3. Buy Tickets here.