Store Owner Threatened for Supporting Women’s March

Three of us recently visited the Wild Rogue Emporium on 6th and G Street after a Women in Black vigil we hold on the next block. We went there for the sole purpose of checking out a story we had heard, that the owner, Jan Bertaggia, had been threatened by local powerful conservative women for selling pussy hats for the Women’s March. They told her she would lose a lot of business when they spread the word to everyone they know to avoid shopping at her store.

Jan tried to explain that the Women’s March wasn’t about party affiliation, but was primarily concerned with supporting and empowering women. Undeterred, the women proceeded to intrude into her business Facebook page with further threats and ugly remarks. After the initial shock and grief over the threats, Jan, a strong, charismatic business person, decided in the end that she would not be bullied. She will have more pussy hats when next year’s Women’s March rolls around.

In the case of the Wild Rogue Emporium, the owner and employees were friendly and helpful, and there were items for sale that were unique, reasonably priced, and quite beautiful. The owner is remodeling and adding stock, trying to make a newly purchased business work without outside interference. All three of us ladies walked out with packages in hand and smiles on our faces from meeting strong, interesting women who personify what the Women’s March is all about.

Kathy Svendsen