Stop Commissioners Newspaper Order!


Stand up to bullying! Show up at 9 am Wednesday Jan. 18, Josephine County Commissioners’ meeting at Ann Basker Auditorium to let them know they cannot bully our local newspaper, The Grants Pass Daily Courier, by pulling the county’s legal notices from where they have been printed the last 100 years. Commission Chair Herman Baertschiger and Commissioner Dan DeYoung are taking revenge on our historical newspaper for letting their constituents know what they are up to every week.

Commissioners have drawn up an Order shifting county legal notices to the Illinois Valley Press in Cave Junction because they want to hurt the Courier. Commissioners are trying to sneak this by their constituents because an Order doesn’t require a public hearing. Legals are a lucrative source of income for a newspaper and our Commissioners are pulling them with hopes the paper won’t be able to survive. This is a clear example of retaliation against the Courier, long a target of Commissioners’ distain.

We cannot allow this kind of malice from our elected officials whose toxic philosophy reflects the right-wing media they immerse themselves in where hatred of real news has grown into an obsession.

You can also help by sending emails and making phone calls to Commissioners telling them not to do this. This staggering vandalism of the First Amendment is unethical, selfish, malignant and vengeful.

Help preserve one of the last independent newspapers in the nation. Ask Commissioners to vote NO on Order No. 2023-013.

Let’s flood their email inbox and voice mail.
Right Now!
Send emails and call Commissioners,
Copy all emails to BCC@josephinecounty.gov

Baertschiger – hbaertschiger@josephinecounty.gov

DeYoung – ddeyoung@josephinecounty.gov

Phone – 541-474-5221

Then let’s pack Anne Basker Auditorium for their meeting at 9:00AM on Wednesday. 

Read the Order