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Do you believe in full equality for all who live and work in Josephine County?

So do we. But we can’t make it a reality without your help.

Whether it’s same-sex marriage, employment rights for LGBTQ workers, or civil liberties, JoCo’s Stonewall Democrats work every day to ensure fair representation of LGBTQ Oregonians.

Come join us in this important work! We need folks from all over the Josephine County who are willing to make calls, write letters and even meet with our elected Representatives. Plus! We participate in fun activities, such as our recent Pride Fair.

Our small but informed and dedicated committee is working to keep you informed to help you make choices and take actions to protect what we have in Josephine County, in Oregon.

Pride 2022 at the Josephine County Fairgrounds

Pride 2022 at the Josephine County Fairgrounds

Stonewall (LGBTQ) Caucus

Welcome to the STONEWALL CAUCUS page. 

We have made great progress toward LGBTQ rights in the 50 years since Stonewall, but still have far, far to go. 

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