Stand Up for Democracy: Your Voice Can Improve the Josephine County Charter!

Brady Keister, Rick Flora, and fellow Progressives and Independents invite you to join us this Saturday, June 24th, at the Growers Market. Our united mission? To rally support for the Citizens for Responsible Government‘s (CRG’s) non-partisan county charter and secure its place on the November ballot, setting the stage for more balanced and fair governance in Josephine County.

As of May 1, 2023, Josephine County boasts 65,685 registered voters. The largest segment among them, with 25,874 voters, are non-affiliated. But without your active participation, these voices risk being sidelined by partisan charters, like the one proposed by Jonathan Knapp and his supporters. These partisan charters typically favor a single political faction, leading to more extreme candidate selection and reducing the representation of broader voter preferences.

The stakes are high. We have a tight window to make a significant impact – we need 4,000 signatures by the first week of August. This is a crucial step in our quest to replace the current charter, which has unfortunately led to inefficiency and discord within our Board of Commissioners. Together, we can change this.

Our proposed charter introduces sweeping changes to foster better governance and equitable representation. A key transformation is expanding the board from 3 to 5 commissioners. This will pave the way for a consensus-driven approach to decision-making, preventing a single autocrat and their aide from holding sway.

The charter also emphasizes local representation. It stipulates that 4 out of 5 commissioners should reside in the district they represent, with the fifth commissioner elected at large, ensuring representation from all parts of the county. This is a direct response to the current system’s often disproportionate representation from Grants Pass.

Moreover, we advocate for the shift from politician-led administration to leadership by a professional county manager. This move, funded by reducing the commissioners’ salaries from approximately $100,000 to around $24,000 each, promises greater efficiency and fiscal responsibility.

Above all, our charter is steadfast in its commitment to non-partisanship. We strongly believe that maintaining the non-partisan nature of county roles is fundamental to achieving fair and balanced governance.

Come find us at the west end of the Growers Market (on 4th Street). All registered voters in Josephine County, irrespective of their city of residence or political affiliation, are welcome to stand with us for a non-partisan, efficient, and representative governance.

The time to rise above the status quo is now. Please bring your friends and family registered in Josephine County, and join us at the Growers Market this Saturday. Together, let’s reach the crucial 4,000-signature mark, endorsing fair governance and a brighter future for the Josephine County Charter.

Author: Rick Flora

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