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  • Oregon State Legislature:

    From the website: The State of Oregon has a Citizen Legislature consisting of the Senate, whose 30 members are elected to serve four-year terms, and the House of Representatives, which has 60 members elected for two-year terms. The assembly convenes every two years in regular session on the second Monday in January during odd-numbered years, a date set by statute. Oregon Constitution does not specify a limitation on session length, however most sessions last approximately six months. During the interim, legislators serve on interim committees and task forces that study issues likely to be faced during the next legislative session.


  • The Oregon Progress Board is an independent state planning and oversight agency. Created by the Legislature in 1989, the Board is responsible for monitoring the state’s 20-year strategic vision, Oregon Shines. The 12-member panel, chaired by the governor, is made up of citizen leaders and reflects the state’s social, ethnic and political diversity.

    Local - Josephine County

    Other Sites of Interest

    • Josephine Social Justice Alliance is an all-volunteer coalition in Grants Pass committed to making Josephine County a place where all are welcome regardless of skin color, immigration status, religion, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or housing status.

      Facebook is a group page for Grants Pass High School YODA (Young Oregon Democrats of America) chapter members. We are a club dedicated to ensuring political education around our community. Join us to educate the future voters of Oregon!

      The Rural Organizing Project (ROP) is a statewide organization of locally-based groups that work to create communities accountable to a standard of human dignity: the belief in the equal worth of all people, the need for equal access to justice and the right to self-determination. Starting in 1992, ROP’s challenges to the anti-democratic right have earned ROP a national reputation for being an effective grassroots organization that takes on the hard issues.

    • Neighborhood Leaders Program

      Help us connect with neighbors and other people in our community who care about environmental protection, human rights, quality healthcare, working families, education, and equality for all.

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