Resign Trump

To all Concerned Citizens: Will you join us in a National Movement to pressure Trump to resign? We ask that you write letters, sign petitions, and send in post cards that motivate Trump to resign from the Presidency. Of course he might be removed too by the impeachment process or by the 25th amendment regarding unfitness and mental instability.  Here are a few examples of some letters to the Editors:

President Trump Must Go

“Out of many, we are one.”

Stated at the beginning of the Democratic Party Platform, this is our core belief. This is why we fight an economy that equates success with the profits of just one percent of our population.  This is why we want everyone to have access to health care and everyone to have a vote that counts.  This is why we abhor discrimination and see the diversity of our population (all-other than Native Americans-once immigrants) as something that enriches us, not something to fear.  This is why we strive towards respect and diplomacy and see violent action as our last resort.  It’s why we want everyone to manifest their skills and talents, whether they come from advanced education, the arts, the trades, or in the family.  It’s why we cherish being good stewards of this planet we all call home.  It’s why we stand up for people and symbols that promote these values and condemn those that attack it.

And, this is why we are convinced that President Trump must resign.

Submitted by the Illinois Valley Democrats.  “Like” us on Facebook or attend our meetings, the Third Saturday of the Month, at the IV Family Coalition Building, 535 East River St., Cave Junction.


Trump Must Resign

Gary Eby, Vice Chair of Josephine County Democrats.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing.” (Rev. Charles F. Aked)

We know that Donald Trump has lied to the American people countless times. We know he obstructs justice. We know he endorses police brutality, hatred of the press, and prejudice towards our beloved minorities. He has failed to condemn hate groups and the alarming rise in hate crimes throughout America and the world. He continues to abuse our basis human rights of equality, fairness, economic opportunity for all, healthcare, and a healthy environment safe from climate change, pollution, and exploitation of our sacred public lands. We The People, take a stand against tyranny and ask for his resignation as the President of this United States of America. Time for America to heal, so we can return once again to our glorious heritage of being “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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