Republicans are Returning to Salem…

Just an hour ago, the Senate Republicans announced that they will be returning to the floor tomorrow at 9 am. The plan, as we understand it, is to work through the weekend and take up budget and policy bills.

This was anti-democracy hideout was unacceptable and immoral. The threats of violence — one even from a state senator — and hostage-taking tactics are shameful. It cannot happen again. Even Senate Minority Leader Baertschiger (Senator to many in Josephine County) said today that a tactic like this “should never be used,” though he refused to condemn the threats of violence.

There must be a thorough investigation into which corporations financed this anti-democracy walkout. There are serious and troubling questions about who paid for the Senate Republicans’ travel, lodging, and hotels. Senate Republicans should not profit from this walkout, and we call on them to return all of the funds raised in the name of their hideout.

Did our phone calls help?? You bet they did! And it is time for us to look for a candidate to oppose Baertschiger and Heard in the next election! Interested? We can help.

More about the Republican return, and it appears there are not enough votes to pass HB2020 in the Senate.