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Assault rifles are a right. Healthcare is not.
This man’s right to own multiple automatic weapons outweighs others’ right to public safety. While victims will be treated for medical issues, they are responsible for the cost even if it may bankrupt them/their family.

Issues are up for vote in the house this week among others
1. HR 3668. Deregulating gun silencers.
2. HR 38. Concealed carry reciprocity. Limits states rights to determine reasonable gun safety legislation.
3. HR 36. Restricts abortion/ women’s reproductive rights

Clearly, Congress has its priorities.

So angry!

The day after proposing a $2 TRILLION tax cut for the rich Trump is attacking people DYING OF THIRST.

The day after proposing a tax cut that would give his family a BILLION DOLLAR TAX CUT, Trump is attacking a woman who LOST HER HOME IN A HURRICANE.

28 Puerto Rican army reservists reported for duty only to end up waiting in their base, cut off from the outside world, for a week without orders while residents cried for help.

At The Atlantic, Annie Lowrey reports that as Republicans continue their push to convert safety net programs into block grants based on the myth that state governments are more responsive to their constituents, “there is little evidence that the states are more efficient administrators than Washington is, and some evidence that they might be less so.”