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Powerful Letter to the Editor

This sadly powerful Letter to the Editor from Dixie Wilks-Owens was published in the Sept. 6 Daily Courier.

The courts may overturn a woman’s right to a doctor administered abortion. But that will not end abortions. Look back to our history, and see how many women died in unsafe, back-alley abortions. Reversing Roe Vs Wade will simply send young women into those unsafe conditions again. The wealthy will send their daughters to countries that will provide doctor-administered abortions while the poor will have unsafe abortions and thousands will die.
Here’s a true story: 58 years ago, my beautiful Aunt Kay, only 26-years-old, a mother of two small babies, learned that she was 10-weeks pregnant. She also learned that her husband was leaving her for another woman. Employers wouldn’t hire pregnant women. She also knew she had to work to support her two babies. She borrowed $300 and met a contact person at a restaurant. Guess what? She died and was left on the bed of a cheap hotel. Her two little babies were motherless. Will history repeat itself?