Please Join Us and Sign the Pledge

We are collecting signatures from the citizens of Josephine County that indicate a commitment to adopt, honor, and uphold the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement (also known as the Paris Climate Accord, you can read the full document, in English, here).  Your political beliefs or affiliations are not an issue here.  You are not even required to be a registered voter.  You simply need to be a citizen of Josephine County.

After we collect a sufficient number of signatures, members of the Environmental Action Committee will meet with our elected officials, including each of our county commissioners, city councilmen, and mayors.  We will present them with the pledge and the signatures of the citizens of Josephine County.  We will ask each of them to sign our pledge.  Our goal is to do everything we can to keep our planet healthy for our children, so that they might do the same for their children.

We ask that you provide your first and last name and your physical address, not a PO box.  Your address will be used as proof of residence, will not be visible, and will not be used for anything other than proof of residence.  Please read the Citizens’ Environmental Pledge then add your name and address below the pledge.


Citizens’ Environmental Pledge

Will you commit to adopt, honor and uphold the Paris Climate Agreement goals?

Nearly 70 per cent of Americans, including a majority of people in all 50 states, support the Paris Climate Agreement.  Also, 350 US mayors, representing 68 million Americans, have agreed to endorse this worldwide movement. Therefore,  please join us in adopting the following environmental actions:

#1. Strengthen relationships around the world to protect the planet from devastating climate risks.

#2. Support local actions such as town clean-up days, zero waste initiatives, and preserving national forests.

#3. Partner with local city and community development organizations to create a yearly Energy Day, prioritizing the development of environmentally renewable energy resources, clean-air transportation options, and reductions of all forms of pollutants.

#4. Support clean energy jobs.


We the undersigned American Citizens urge all elected officials and city governments to support the Paris Climate Agreement and the above mentioned Environmental Pledge: