People Power ala ACLU

Friends: How many of you had the amazing opportunity tonight on 3-11-17 to attend the ACLU resistance training? Here is my report on that event. Please understand I am not saying this is the best or only way to Resist. The ACLU has  designed a  powerful approach that all of us who want to take a stand for our Basic Human Rights might find very useful and effective.

First recommendation, please check out the video about their approach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mR449w4Qmo

Second suggestion: Look over their Freedom Cities Action Guide: https://peoplepower.org/freedom-cities.html

Last idea: Who is willing to work with me on this?  Just fill out the form below. And I am organizing a local People Power Meeting in Cave Junction on 4-1-17. Check out the link.


No Ban. No Wall. Take a stand for Human Rights. National Healthcare Now. National Popular Vote. Resist!