Party Switchers

Noah Robinson supporters are in a buzz of self-righteous indignation over a few Democrats and non-affiliated voters who changed their registration to Republican so they could vote in the District 2 state senate race primary where Robinson faces challenger Christine Goodwin. Earlier this week the Robinson supporters, including provocateur Mike Pelfry, attempted to out those who changed their registration at the Grants Pass City Council meeting. They were told by Mayor Sara Bristol the meeting wasn’t the place for politicking and personal attacks but when they kept talking she called a recess. She did this three times, with Pelfry the last person who refused to abide by the city’s public comment rules.

Josephine County Republican Party Chair Holli Morton showed up at the Board of Commissioners meeting on Wednesday to voice her unhappiness with the registration switchers.

“Sounds like organized election interference, if not fraud,” she told Commissioners during public comment time. Pelfry also spoke at the Commissioners’ meeting, inviting all the new Republicans over to the Headquarters to buy Trump hats and stickers. He said he’d offer them half-price.

Pelfry has been at the forefront for Robinson, nearly getting himself thrown out of a Goodwin event at Rogue Roasters when he became belligerent and started shouting at her. His nastiness helped spur the backlash that inspired people to change registration so they could vote for Goodwin.

Commissioner Dan DeYoung, who changed his registration earlier from Republican to non-affiliated, said he’s been disappointed in the Republican Party here. He said they should support all Republicans running in primaries, and not just pick one to put all their support behind. He said he still smarts from when he ran for Commissioner and didn’t get any support at all.

“They put my signs in the back room and handed out the other guy’s,” said DeYoung.

Morton, Pelfry and the others who are chastising those who switched parties to vote in the Republican primary seem to have forgotten when Republican Herman Baertschiger endorsed Betsy Johnson for governor, hoping she would siphon off enough Democrats’ votes to enable Republican Christine Drazan to win. They also forgot about the Robinson family switch as well, when Michael registered as a Democrat in order to primary DeFazio.