Working for You


Josephine County Democrats’ Democratic Principles

  1. We believe that we can all work together to build a better society – that “we’re all in together” is a better philosophy than “you’re on your own.”

  2.  We believe that our economic success depends on the shared prosperity of all people, not the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a privileged few.

  3. We believe that our shared prosperity and competitiveness in the world market depends on the ability of every member of our community to reach their full potential through access to quality, affordable education.

  4. We believe that universal access to quality, affordable health care is both an individual right and a common good for society as a whole.

  5. We believe in finding practical, innovative solutions to the problems of our community, state and nation. Yesterday’s solutions can’t solve tomorrow’s problems.

  6. We believe that a clean environment is essential to the wellbeing of our community and our planet, and that no one has the right to the unsustainable exploitation of the earth’s resources for profit or personal gain.

  7. We understand that hard–earned tax dollars paid by the middle class and poor should not be used to subsidize tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy. Those who benefit most from society should contribute the most.

  8. We respect a woman’s right to make her own choices for herself and her family with respect to her health and her body.

  9. We hold the right to vote as fundamental to our democratic system of government and that no law, regulation, or administrative action should limit the ability of all adult citizens to exercise the right to vote and to have those votes accurately counted.

  10. We support the constitutional right of every law-abiding adult to keep and bear arms for self defense, hunting, and recreation.

  11. We believe that secure borders are essential to national security. We advocate ending unauthorized immigration through improved border security, by requiring employers to give priority to hiring U.S. citizens at a fair market–based wage, and by implementing a guest worker program for documented insistence where the domestic labor supply proves to be insufficient to meet demand.

  12. We assert that constitutional rights should apply only to natural people, not legal entities created by government. We therefore support a constitutional amendment specifying that rights enumerated in the Constitution apply only to natural people.

  13. We honor the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech and assert that this right is compromised when money is linked under the law to political speech. We therefore support a Constitutional amendment to permit state and federal governments to set limits on the use of money in political speech.