One Huge Reason the JoCo Democrats Do Not Support the Jordan Cove Terminal and LNG Pipeline

Coos Bay would be placed at terrible risk with the addition of the Jordan Cove Terminal (click on link)

The coast of Oregon is in the Cascadian Subduction Zone and is due for a major earthquake.  They already have to fear a tsunami that often accompanies this type of earthquake.

Earthquake experts explain how the Jordan Cove facility increases risks to over 17,000 people that live nearby. The hazard zones extend 2.2 miles from the facility and transit route into the communities of North Bend, Empire, Barview, Charleston, and Coos Bay.

Within the immediate “cremation zone” the odds of surviving an accident or an earthquake and tsunami are “not good.” LNG Tankers will take about 90 minutes to make the transit. A tsunami will arrive in about 10 minutes.

Do you support increasing the risks Coos Bay residents already face? We may not live in or near Coos Bay, but these people are our friends, our families. They are Oregonians. They are people.

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