Build a community by talking to registered Democrats who are your neighbors.

Politics can be exhausting and overwhelming but a strong democracy demands that we all vote.

You don’t have to be an expert to improve voter turnout in Josephine County.

We give you the information and materials you need and then you get to chat with like-minded neighbors.

If you would like to help but are uncomfortable knocking on doors alone, we can pair you with an experienced neighborhood leader; let us know what you are able and willing to do.

We will provide you with training, resources, and on-going support.

Help democracy by joining our grassroots team. We give you a list of 35 of your neighbors who are registered Democratic voters and provide you with post cards and/or door hangers with our endorsed candidates and ballot initiatives (aka slate cards). Then you talk to your neighbors, ask them if they commit to voting in the current cycle, and record the response on a simple-to-use website we provide.

Direct contact from neighbors is the most effective way to turn out Democratic voters.

It is fun and empowering to bypass the media echo machine, improve voter morale, and boost Democratic voter turnout in YOUR neighborhood.

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