Message from Senator Merkley about Free PPE for Small Businesses

We can’t lose hope during this turbulent time. We’re all tired of taking precautions for COVID, but we can’t give up — especially not after months and months of hard work and sacrifice. We have to keep going so we can get to the other side of this difficult chapter.

Luckily, we have a few easy and effective tools that we can — and must — keep leaning on to get there, like wearing masks, frequent hand washing, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. And today, I’m reaching out to let you know about new resources that are being made possible by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that Congress passed in March, and are available to help Oregon’s small businesses and child care centers access those tools and keep their employees and customers safe.

First, the state of Oregon is providing masks and gloves, while supplies last, at no charge to qualifying small businesses in Oregon. To be eligible, businesses must have fewer than 50 employees and be headquartered and have principal operations in Oregon.

Supplies will be distributed to businesses as follows:


—         Businesses with 26-50 employees will receive 500

—         Businesses with 10-25 employees will receive 300

—         Businesses with 9 or fewer employees will receive 100

GLOVES (100 per box)

—         Businesses with 26-50 employees will receive four boxes each of medium and large sizes

—         Businesses with 10-25 employees will receive two boxes each of medium and large sizes

—         Businesses with 9 or fewer employees will receive one box each of medium and large sizes

In addition, gloves, disinfecting wipes, masks, and other supplies are available for qualifying child care providers in Oregon. Eligible providers must be either:

—         A Registered Family, Certified Family, Certified Center child care provider, or a Recorded Program, and approved as an Emergency Child Care program; or

—         A License-Exempt provider caring for 3 or less children whose families are accessing Employment Related Day Care (ERDC); or

—         A License-Exempt public entity operating emergency child care.

If you’re interested in either of these business or child care provider resources, you can access supply request forms here.

For more information about a wide variety of emergency assistance tools available to Oregonians, please visit my coronavirus webpage — and be sure to check back periodically for the latest updates from me and my team.