Last Day to File to be a National Convention Delegate or Vote for the Delegates

Hi, Fellow Democrats–

I’m forwarding an email sent by our DPO CD2 Chair, Nathan Soltz. This year’s convention is supposed to be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but Covid19 may cause it to be electronic instead. You may either vote electronically or by mail if you wish vote for Oregon’s convention delegates, but you have to sign up now to be either a delegate voter or a delegate! Any registered Democrat can be a delegate voter or run to be a delegate to the the national convention. The convention is the week of August 17, 2020.

“I wanted to be sure to highlight to you all that tomorrow, Thursday, May 21st at 5pm PT is the deadline to file to be a candidate for delegate or to vote for the delegates. You can easily find out more information and file at dpo.org/2020; the direct link to the filing form is https://secure.ngpvan.com/gVE9iLiejEaMGRZLEzJ9Og2. Even if you have no interest in being a National Convention delegate, I want to strongly encourage everyone to at least sign up to vote for delegates; at this point, it looks like both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders received enough votes to be awarded delegates. Signing up to be a voter is easy and requires no commitment from you besides filling out your ballot and either dropping it in the mail or submitting it electronically.”

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