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Kevin McCarthy Visits Portland Stumping for GOP Candidates

Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is visiting Oregon today to campaign for far-right candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives. In advance of his appearance, KC Hanson, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon, released the following statement:

“Kevin McCarthy showing up in Oregon and stumping for GOP candidates on the basis of law enforcement policy is both hypocritical and revealing.

“After the Supreme Court decision that reversed Roe v. Wade, GOP lawmakers in 14 states are getting ‘tough on crime,’ alright. They are not only passing legislation that restricts a woman’s right to abortion, but also creating laws that treat women as criminals for seeking their reproductive freedom. In some states, they are even directing their District Attorneys to spend limited resources on these prosecutions.

As far as supporting the necessary work of police departments, every single Republican in the U.S. House and Senate – including Kevin McCarthy and Oregon’s lone Republican member of Congress, Cliff Bentz – voted against the American Rescue Plan, which included $350 billion nationally, and $4 billion for Oregon, to help cash-strapped state and local governments bolster police departments, among other critical services. Not a single Republican in Congress voted to fund Oregon cops.

“That Trump’s right-hand man, McCarthy, is here to promote GOP candidates tells Oregonians all they need to know about Oregon Republican candidates. They will be no different than Trump, McCarthy himself, or any other GOP lawmaker who gives phony lip service to law enforcement, while consistently voting to strip personal freedoms from women nationwide.”

Time for a change in Congressional District 2. Vote for someone who cares about the people — not about Trump and Republican Power: Support Joe Yetter.