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IMPORTANT – June 23, 2020 Special Legislation Session 

IMPORTANT – Special Legislation Session 

The Governor has called for Special Legislative Sessions to discuss and consider Policing Reform and Accountability.

The Joint Interim Committee relating to Police Reform will begin at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 23, 2020, with the full 2020 Legislative Special Session of the 80th Legislative Assembly convening on Wednesday, June 24th at 8 am.

These two links provide information on the sessions and how to testify:

Online Committee Agendas and how to find out more participation options.


How to Testify to a Legislative Committee


Governor Kate Brown is supporting several police accountability measures put together by the People of Color Caucus. Those include:

  • Banning the use of chokeholds by police,
  • Creating a police discipline database in the state,
  • Adoption of a measure to make it easier to fire a police officer found guilty of misconduct,
  • Requiring that police report the misconduct of other officers,
  • Requiring the state attorney general to lead investigations when police use of force results in death or serious injury.

We encourage all Democrats to submit written testimony or remote oral testimony in support of these proposals.

Other bills that may be considered include inspections for meat processing plants and some that were killed earlier this year when Republicans walked out. A budget session may be called later in the summer when the state determines what, if any money is coming from the federal government to help states deal with COVID-19 issues.

Legislators will be social distancing, but the public will be banned from the Capitol as lawmakers debate, however a large screen will be set up on the Capitol steps, along with a laptop for public comment.

To access a live stream of this meeting, go to


Locate the meeting dates on the far right of the screen and click on the camera icon at the designated time. A viewing station will also be available outside on the front steps of the Capitol Building.