Josephine Democrats are Getting Out The Vote!

The ballots haven’t even gone out, but regardless of the final outcome of this election, the results of our Get Out The Vote outreach and our Neighborhood Leader Program (NLP) has been a great success. The communications we are receiving from our outreach and the large number of visitors we have had at our office, is demonstrating that there is a lot of support for our Democratic candidates.

With our GOTV and NLP outreach, we have reached over 11,000 registered Josephine County Democrats.

One neighbor brought her NL (Neighborhood Leader) a loaf of fresh zucchini bread as a thank you after she received a personalized note and voter guide.

Another neighbor cried on the phone with her NL, when she learned she wasn’t a lone Democrat on her block.

And yet another, reached out and asked for assistance completing his ballot after receiving one of our postcards because he was having trouble reading now, and wanted to make sure his BLUE ballot was counted.

This is what community is. Connecting. Helping each other. Working together for positive change.

Ballots are being mailed out tomorrow. There are just 22 days until November 3, 2020. When you receive it, complete it right away, and deliver it directly to the County Clerk, or your nearest Drop Box. You can find the nearest drop box at jocovote.com/dropbox.

When you wake up on the morning of election day, will you be able to say to yourself, “Well, whatever happens, I know that I did all I could do”? Rachel Maddow

If you haven’t helped with our efforts, it is not too late. You can still join us in connecting with fellow Democrats, and help us Get Out The Vote. This election is one that will define the future of our country. Local races can be won by a single vote. Don’t sit this election out.

To join in our Get Out The Vote campaign or to assist some of our local candidates, email our coordinator at outreach@josephinedemocrats.org or call 541-450-1749.