Josephine County Firearms Ordinance Hearing Postponed

The hearing for the proposed, NRA-style ordinance has been postponed to a future Board of County Commissioners business meeting, while they finalize the draft and send it through the county legal department. We do not yet know when the ordinance will officially come up for a vote.

This month, Board of Commissioners business meetings will be held on Wednesdays at:

9:00 am on June 6

5:30 pm on June 13

9:00 am on June 20

9:00 am on June 27

Meetings are held in the Anne Baskerville Auditorium, right next to the County Courthouse.

While anyone is still welcome to attend this week’s meeting to speak against the proposed ordinance, you may wish to save your energy for a meeting when the ordinance is actually on the agenda. We are hoping to get a good, solid turnout for that meeting.

As soon as we know when the ordinance will be on the agenda, we will post that information.

In the meantime, we encourage you to email each of our county commissioners. Please remember to be polite, but mention that you VOTE.

Lily Morgan:  lmorgan@co.josephine.or.us

Simon Hare:  share@co.josephine.or.us

Dan DeYoung:   ddeyoung@co.josephine.or.us

Letters to the editor of the Daily Courier are also welcome.

We are also planning to pass around a petition to be presented to the commissioners. If you are interested in helping with the petition effort, or if you have any questions, please call or email:

Anita Savio   541-592-3073 (H)   541-592-9406 (C)