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About the Central Committee

The Josephine County Democratic Central Committee (JCDCC) is the highest authority in county party policies. This body has the authority to adopt rules (called Bylaws) or resolutions covering any matter of party government within the county. Additionally, this is the body that establishes the policies, articulates the beliefs and establishes the standard of all local Democratic candidates. These basic policies, beliefs and standards are then passed on to the State and National party for action.

The JCDCC has the power to call for and receive reports from the Executive Committee, standing committees, and any special or ad hoc committees; Act upon proposed resolutions; and takes such action as it deems appropriate to further the purposes and goals of the Democratic Party.

Members of the JCDCCare made up of all Democratic Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) elected or appointed in Josephine County and any Democratic legislator who lives in and is a PCP of another county and who represents a portion of Josephine County.

The JCDCC and its membership are active locally in numerous projects and issues, on a wide variety of interests and are dedicated to making peoples’ lives better.

About Josephine County Democrats

The Josephine County Democratic Party is the official representation of registered Democrats who live within Josephine County, Oregon. All voters legally registered as Democrats, and residing in Josephine County, are members of this organization and of the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO).
Our vision is to restore an effective and efficient government that will respect your rights, count your votes, rebuild the economy, and restore accountability. We do that by organizing Democrats within the County to develop, adopt and support a party platform, with the goal of electing Democratic candidates to elected office. We also represent Democrats at the Congressional District and State Central committees.

We are active locally in numerous projects and issues, on a wide variety of interests and are dedicated to making people’s lives better. 

JCDCC Bylaws

Now available to Precinct Committee Persons via password at the PCP Page.