It is “Giving Tuesday”

But you probably know that from the massive number of emails you are getting to donate.

Here is something different. you could give $50 to the Josephine County Democratic Party (or $100 for joint-filers) and get every dollar back when you file your Oregon taxes. It’s like a free donation!

It’s a unique, important way to keep Oregon’s elections powered by grassroots supporters like you.

This is due to the Oregon Political Tax Credit for Oregon taxpayers. It is once a year, but you have to use it before 2023 ends.

Here are the requirements:

Then… please donate now! We need to raise money to build our local party for the very important 2024 election!

Online via: ACT BLUE
Send your checks directly to:
Josephine County Democrats
PO Box 2007
Grants Pass, OR 97528