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Holiday Party (and Meeting) 2019

Mary Middleton
Mary Middleton, candidate for Oregon House, District 4

Josephine County Democrats gathered in force for the annual Christmas Party, where they were introduced to Mary Middleton, who will be running in District 4 for the Oregon House seat now occupied by Rep. Duane Stark. District 4 includes a portion of eastern Josephine County. Over 50 supporters enjoyed pizza provided by the Democrats at Climate City in Grants Pass.

They didn’t come just for the pizza, however. Many new people attending said they were fed up with the Trump Administration and were ready to get to work to oust the President and all those who support him. Chair Brian Clark recognized the many volunteers who run caucuses, keep the office open, run the business of the organization and have become Precinct Party Persons (PCPs), allowing them to vote on matters brought up at Central Committee meetings.

Vice Chair Dorothy Yetter announced that Project Engage, the effort to educate and register non-affiliated voters, is progressing. Any Democrat can pitch in whether or not you have Social Media or website development experience. Contact Dorothy at vicechair@josephinedemocrats.org.

The next meeting of the Democrats will be January 14 and will feature a candidate for Oregon’s Congressional District 2.