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Healthcare for All Update

This is to invite any of you who have not yet seen the movie, “Big Pharma: Market Failure” to come to a free showing this coming Monday evening, Feb 26, at 6:30 pm. Its about outrageously priced drugs in the U.S. and what we can do about it. Hint: it involves collectively organizing, but it is very promising because it is produced by a prominent business leader who is helping to get other business leaders behind the movement.

Despite resistance at the national level with the current administration, some very promising developments have been occurring here in Oregon as well as in neighboring states. And, here in the Rogue Valley our local chapters of Health Care for ALL-Oregon are continuing to work to build a movement for a more progressive health care system in the future. That includes our local Jo County chapter too, and we’ll talk a bit about that.

Currently, there are two bills under consideration in the state legislature. One, called the “Hope Amendment” will probably be approved for a statewide initiative for a state constitutional amendment vote by the public this Fall. It would commit the state to recognize basic health care as a right for every citizen of Oregon and obligate the state to determine how to meet that commitment.

Another bill, HB 4005, would demand greater transparency from pharmaceutical companies to justify their prices and the hikes they make in prices every year.

I hope you’ll be able to make it to the meeting. I believe you’ll find the movie interesting and informative. And, I would also like to share news about how we can help support moving toward better, more effective, less expensive health care — for everyone!

Jerry Reed