H.R. 2936 The Resilient Federal Forest Act

 From Rogue Indivisible:

Oppose H.R. 2936 The Resilient Federal Forest Act

This bill passed the House on November 2nd. We need to contact senators and ask that they vote against this bill.

Action: Possible script for call.

Hi, this is (Insert Name) and I live in (City). I’d like to speak to the staffer who works on environmental issues.

I’m calling asking you to oppose HR 2936. I support the concept of productive and resilient federal forestlands. But this is a bill that does the OPPOSITE of creating resilient forests. It is designed to be a gift to the timber industry with a pretense to help forests. This bill would allow for environmentally devastating projects without the necessary environmental checks required under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), dramatically expanding exclusions ideally meant only for non-controversial forest management practices. Thank you.
Senator Ron Wyden – Phone 202-224-5244, https://www.wyden.senate.gov/contact

Senator Jeff Merkley – Phone 202-224-3753, https://www.merkley.senate.gov/contact

Background Information: 
The bill is basically doublespeak for expediting logging on federal lands. The bill co-sponsored by Greg Walden substantially weakens environmental review by time limits and expanding categorical exemptions, increases the size of acreage allowable for clear cutting, eliminates certain restrictions on timber harvesting, and expedites review procedures for the National Historic Preservation Act and the Endangered Species Act by restricting review to a 90-day period. The proposed law also places limits on litigation to challenge the environmental review process, including requiring arbitration for certain objections rather than judicial review, would prevent the award of attorney fees in the challenge of forest management activities and prohibits stopping logging projects through preliminary injunctions or restraining orders.

For more detailed analysis and possible narrative to use in an email or phone call, go to the Environment Webpage: http://rogueindivisible.org/?page_id=298

Recommended Reading: Officially-True Lies

Administration policy is based on a series of falsehoods. http://legal-planet.org/2017/11/13/officially-true-lies/

Recommended You Tube Viewing: Era of Megafires

Last week a couple of Rogue Indivisible members attended a presentation by Dr. Paul Hessburg on the Era of Megafires in Ashland. In this presentation, Dr. Hessburg provides an explanation as to why wildfires have been growing in the western United States.

“A future without wildfire isn’t an option,” Hessburg says. “So, what kind of future do we want for our forests? The goal of his project is to share a vocabulary and increase the understanding and ability of ordinary citizens so that they can enter into local discussions and planning for a more certain future for public forest lands.” The recent fires in Northern California demonstrate that you can live in town and still be in danger from wildfires. Please watch a condensed version (approx. 15 minutes) of the presentation, a which is a TED Talk, called “Living Dangerously in the Era of Megafires.”