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11/09/2021 Monthly Meeting – Topic: Attacks on School Boards

Unitarian Universalists 129 NW E St and Zoom
Join us for a panel discussion about school boards. Why the attacks on transgender youth and curriculum across the country and locally? Why are racial and gender justice such hot button topics? What can school boards do to protect and nurture youth for success in life? What Democrats are doing to affect board representation and education policy. Why should you care and what can you do?
The panel includes KC Hanson, chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon, Deenie Bulyalert, a local high school activist and organizer, Constance Palaia, alternate member of the Racial Equity, Accountability and Leadership Committee of the DPO, and representatives from social justice and human dignity groups in Oregon.
(The original program on Mining has been postponed until next year.)

In-Person is at Unitarian Universalists at 129 NW E St., and at Zoom. In-person, masks are required.

For Zoom, you must register in advance for this meeting:


Social starts at 6:30 PM, meeting begins at 7:00PM.