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Monthly Liberal Vibes Social – Next is 9/21

Weekend Beer Company 1863 Washington Blvd. Grants Pass 97526

Let your liberal* vibes loose at the Josephine County Democrats’ informal Liberal Vibes Happy Hour Wednesday, August 17, 4:30-7 pm at Weekend Beer Company, 1863 Washington Blvd. in Grants Pass. Come early or join us later.

Have a beer, glass of wine or iced tea and join the conversation about the primaries from local elections to the national watch, the Supreme Court leak about Roe vs. Wade, what you’d really like to tell your Congressional representative or whatever else is on your mind. Republicans have dominated Josephine County for 100 years so finding liberals to talk to isn’t always easy in this reddest of red counties. That’s why Democrats believe a monthly gathering of like-minded folks can be downright therapeutic for people who’ve had enough of the Brandon nonsense, Trump 2024 signs in neighbors’ yards, the weekly Democrat-bashing by our County Commissioners, talk radio calling us “commies,” anti-abortion screechers on street corners and old guys who feel a need to strap on a pistol in order to shop Walmart.

For an hour or two you can push back on all that amid a supportive group. Join us!