Working for You


July Lunch 7/25

Climate City Brewing; 509 SW G St., Grants Pass

Sandra Coyner will be speaking at the Democrats’ July 25 Luncheon beginning at noon at Climate City in Grants Pass.  Coyner is a State Board member of HCAO (Healthcare for All Oregon, a statewide coalition of over 120 member organizations working to educate Oregonians about the possibilities and benefits of a comprehensive, equitable, publicly funded, and high-quality health care system serving all Oregon residents. She’s also a member of the HCAO Legislative Committee and HCAO-Rogue Valley Chapter.

Coyner is a retired professor who has been active in social justice causes, especially for women and union.  She will talk about the differences between plans called Health Care for All, Medicare for All, Single Payer, and Universal Coverage and how they fit in with HCAO.  She will also answer questions about how these plans affect Medicare and the impact of these plans on hospitals and medical providers.

The public is welcome to attend.