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4th of July Women’s Rights Protest in Medford

Vogel Plaza Medford 200 East Main Street Medford OR 97501

The RV Pepper Shakers – a youth group countering bigotry in the Rogue Valley are organizing a protest against the overturning of Roe in Medford on Monday July 4th – 4 pm Vogel Plaza

The overturn of Roe strips those rights and freedom to choose our fate and we feel this is only the beginning.

Abortion is health care.  Abortion is freedom. Abortion is bodily autonomy. A country without this human right is not a free country.

-You can join us in unison by wearing all black, as it is a well-known significant form of oppositional dress, as well as worn for mourning. (It is also a tactile advantage of hiding your identity easier, which is never a bad thing in this area of Oregon) -Please bring signs if you can but as usual, we will have some to provide. -PLEASE no coat hanger or Handmaiden imagery.  It is sure to be hot so make sure to have water, sunscreen, and perhaps bring a chair to take sitting breaks. There will also be water and snacks available. -DO NOT touch any counter protesters. Keep in mind people celebrating the 4th will be drinking. BUT the best course of action is to have your phones filming and documenting proof of assault with showing no fault of our own.

Time is subject to change due to heat*

All Are Free or None Are Free