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2020 Election Night Watch (11/3)

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Election night will be the big reveal for Josephine County Democrats this year. Election Day in 2018 only 76 percent of registered Democrats voted in the county, with 67 percent of registered Independents and just 39 percent of people who are registered to vote but haven’t declared a party turning in ballots. Republican turnout was 82 percent. This election year Democrats have been working for months on a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign, stressing the importance of voting, not only for president, but for those down the ballot who will help shape the future of our community and our state.

Hopefully, Josephine County Democrats awakened reluctant voters this year, thanks to our many volunteers who contacted nearly every registered Democrat in the county and made special effort to connect with non-affiliated and Independent voters. Although COVID restrictions kept our volunteers from going door to door, they sent out slate sheets, postcards, texted and made phone calls urging every Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters to vote early and get their ballots into the nearest drop box as soon as possible. In addition to the personal contacts, our many donors, including a number of first-timers, made it possible for us to run ads in the Grants Pass Daily Courier, Sneak Preview, and on the Josephine County Fairgrounds’ reader board along the Redwood Highway. Our donors also made it possible for us to run a GOTV texting campaign to contact hard-to-reach non-affiliated voters.

Will this improve Democrat’s voting turnout this year? We’ve made history in Josephine County with our extensive GOTV efforts. To find out what effect we had, join us Election Night during our ZOOM party with your glass of wine, beer, or cup of tea to debrief, reduce 2016 PTSD, and have some fun.

Join us … this will be an “open” Zoom social. At least one of us will be monitoring to eject any “riff-raff” that may come in. Come and go — share joy as various races are called.

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