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2/28/22 — Whitehorse Park Hearing


Continuance Hearing for the Goal 3 Exception for hook ups at Whitehorse County Park.

Check link below to attend meeting.  No testimony allowed on Whitehorse Park at this meeting but RPC decision and recommendation is to be made to BCC. No further public testimony is allowed at this hearing.  A later hearing on Whitehorse Park will be scheduled with the Board of County Commissioners.

A second Hearing is on this Agenda.  The request is for zone change from residential RR-5 to commercial at 5942 Highland Ave. Information and the Staff Report can be reviewed at the Josephine County Planning website.  https://www.co.josephine.or.us/SIB/files/Agenda%20022822.pdf. Zoom link is HERE.

Like so many issues in JoCo the county commissioners and a few select people make the decisions and then push them through.  Information on Oregon land Use regulations, county code, planning process and membership and meeting times of the Rural Planning Commission is not easily available.

With county parks more residents should be officially notified and have their comments considered — “have standing”.  Only people within 750 feet of Whitehorse Park were officially notified per regulations.

The Rural Planning Commission has approved a development plan for Whitehorse Park that is far too extensive. The park doesn’t have the “carrying capacity.” The upper portion of this 17 acre park will have all the trees removed except for a few on the periphery. It will be paved for 20 R-V recreational sites, large restroom with 4 showers, and infrastructure that includes a dump station.

It will change into a “private” R-V park and have a total of 28 R-V sites. This 64 year old park is listed as one of the best birding locations in Oregon.  It will cease to be a “park” and become a private recreational R-V  location.

Why is the county proposing these drastic changes?  The intent is to have more income for the county parks as no county general funds are distributed to parks. The Commissioners state the parks must be self sufficient. But large numbers of county residents have said —this is not what they want.  Save the Trees— Save Whitehorse Park.