Environment Caucus Accomplishments in 2021!

I think we have been working diligently on all our projects.  At the last General Meeting I was asked to summarize and provide a list of our accomplishments for the year.  I will now share with you all our achievements and other successes we have been able to celebrate due to our and other’s relentless pressure on government and business.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Our group met a total of 20 times throughout the year.  With a bimonthly schedule we only missed four meetings – not bad at all!

Jordan Cove LNG – abandoned!  Probably not dead – dead but will be off our agenda in 2022.

City of Grants Pass announced the creation of a Sustainability and Energy Action task force requesting nine positions and of which some of us have applied to participate.

Recycling: SB582 signed by the Governor and will be effective in part in 2022 heralding the Plastic Pollution & Recycling Modernization Act!  When Governor Brown stopped for a visit with us in September 2018 my question to her was what the State could do about recycling since we had just been cut off by the Chinese government from sending our ‘recyclables’ over to them.

Several of us hiked through the forest of Pipe Fork and saw the beauty we are trying to preserve.  Many have signed the petition and at this time the forest is still standing, and the hope is it will be sold to a conservation organization.  That one is on our agenda for 2022!

Rogue River dredging did not take place this year and that item will be high on our list of things to oppose.

We created a mining Task Force since the announcement by AMR that they are interested in tellurium mining in Josephine County.  We have individuals reporting on the following categories:

Health impacts
Mining accidents and pollution
Current tellurium mining practices

Lynda S and I are attending Mining Advisory Board meetings and that was a BIG eye opener for us.  Much more about that.

So, enjoy family, friends, quiet time, last minute gift shopping, and the weather. 😊  We’ll meet again January 12, 2022.  Thank you for all your effort, ideas, contributions, support, and amazing attitude!

Happy Holidays, Joe