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Election May 21st

Ballots have been mailed. May elections are usually low turnout since they are primarily local non-partisan elections and ballot measures. This gives an opportunity for a small percentage of voters to elect someone who may not have the best intentions for the community.


Most races are uncontested. Here are the contested races and others of interest.

Grants Pass School District #7
Brian DeLaGrange, Position #6 No comment. Read the voter pamphlet – what applicable experience do they have; what have they supported and opposed regarding school funding. For example,  DeLaGrange has opposed a middle school levy and Penning has not placed an alternative on the ballot.
Joshua Shannon, Position #6
Garry L Penning
Three Rivers School District
Danny L. York, Zone 2 He is the incumbent. Recommendation from Kate Dwyer:  “I am the IV school board rep for TRSD. Both Paul Kelly and Danny York have served with intelligence and respect. TRSD is on a good path, with clear board goals and increasing grad rates. I would like to continue to serve with both Paul and Danny. The challenger would bring disruption. Please vote for the board to continue in its current form.”
Judy Ahrens, Zone 2 Supports Constitution Party Education platform that all education should be private (no public schools). See Courier front page article of May 1st.
Illinois Valley Rural Fire Protection District
Linda J. Naydol, Position #4 Recommended by Indivisible. Recommended by IV Democrats.
Jerry L. Lamb, Position #4
Illinois Valley Rural Fire Protection District
Cheryl Johnson, Position #3 Recommended by Indivisible. Recommended by IV Democrats
Gary L. Price, Position #3
Running Unopposed – Worthy of support
Gina Marie Agosta – Library Board Recommended by Indivisible
Carol Dickson — IV Rural Fire Protection District , Position #5 Recommended by Indivisible
Pat Fahey –Library Board and Rogue Community College Recommended by Indivisible
Mary Middleton – Southern Oregon Education Service District, Zone 1 Recommended by Indivisible. Recommended by JoCo Democrats

List of all Democrats on the ballot in Josephine County: Click Here

Josephine County Clerk has links to the filings for all candidates: https://www.co.josephine.or.us/Page.asp?NavID=1669

If you didn’t receive or have misplaced your voter pamphlet, it is online at: https://www.co.josephine.or.us/SIB/files/Clerk/May%2021%2C%202019%20VP%20Final.pdf