Josephine County Democratic Central Committee (JCDCC)
Election Procedures & Position Descriptions

The elected officers of the JCDCC shall be a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary and Delegates.

  • Eligibility: Any Josephine County registered to vote as a Democrat for at least the preceding 180 days shall be eligible to hold any office of the JCDCC.
  • Nomination and Election of Officers All voting will be by secret ballot or by acclamation if unopposed.

The Election Committee will conduct balloting. Only those PCPs elected in the immediately preceding primary election who are present are eligible to vote.

Declaration of candidacy may be by written declaration to any member of the Elections Committee, or by statement or nomination from the floor at the organizational December 2020 meeting.  Only those candidates who declare their candidacy at least 7 days before the organizational meeting shall have their names printed on the ballot distributed at the organizational meeting; the ballots shall provide space for write-ins.   With COVID, this will be done electronically. If there are more than two candidates for an office, and no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast, there shall be successive votes until one candidate receives a majority.

Speeches by candidates, if they choose, shall be limited to 5 minutes and monitored by the Election Committee.

The term of office shall begin upon January 1st following the election. Officers elected at the organizational meeting shall serve for a term of two (2) years or until their successors have taken office.

With the advice and consent of the Executive Committee appoint all standing committee chairmen. Notify members of JCDCC and Executive Committee meetings.  Preside at all meetings of the JCDCC and Executive Committee. Be the chief spokesman of the JCDCC. Direct officers to report regularly to the JCDCC and Executive Committee.  Serve as an ex-officio member to all committees.  Be the Administrative Officer of the JCDCC. Oversee external correspondence. Notify the County Clerk of PCP appointments. Serve as a delegate to the State Central Committee.

Assist the Chair as needed. Assume the necessary duty of the Chair in the latter’s absence or temporary incapacitation. Serve as an ex-officio member to all committees. Serve as a delegate to the State Central Committee.

Be the custodian of all JCDCC non-financial records and maintain those records at the JCDCC Office and available on the JCDCC designated “cloud” account. Record and post on the JCDCC website all minutes of all JCDCC and Executive Committee meetings with written committee reports. Maintain the official roster of PCPs.  Keep the official file of the Bylaws and Standing Rules as provided by the Rules Committee.

Be the custodian of all funds of the JCDCC.  Maintain financial records and furnish written monthly status reports of the treasury.  File the required Contributions and Expenditures Reports with the Secretary of State and County Clerk. Present individual expenditures and receipts at Executive Committee meetings for approval as per Standing Rules. Be a member of the Finance Committee

Delegates to the State Central Committee (SCC) and 4th and 2nd Congressional Districts
Attend meetings (4 per year) representing JCDCC in decisions at those meetings. When in-person meetings return, will require travel. To be elected are:

  • 1 delegate and one alternate to the SCC
  • 3 delegates and one alternate to 2nd Congressional District
  • 2 delegates and one alternate to 4th Congressional District.

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