Did you miss our meeting this week?

We recorded our speaker, Dr. Rosa Colquitt, who talked about racial and gender justice, equity, and inclusion, to honor Pride month and Juneteenth.

See it here.

Here is the companion presentation provided by Dr. Colquitt — with the following note:

Good evening leaders,

Before heading off to bed, I just wanted to again express my joy at having the opportunity to spend time with fellow Democrats in Josephine County. Please know that I felt welcomed with genuine warmth. Hopefully I did some good, created some real interest, and encouraged all towards greater inclusiveness.

Do feel free to post the PowerPoint presentation on your website if you think it would be useful. Although I shared the first three slides on Sunday at SCC, I developed the presentation specifically for Josephine County. Thank you for your leadership, and for all that you do in the fight forward to “democracy for all.”

Take care and stay safe and healthy,

~Rosa 🌷


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  1. Patricia Eaton
    June 30, 2022 @ 11:37 pm

    The democratic meeting with Dr. Rosa Colquitt was wonderful and informative. I am ashamed I did not really understand completely why Juneteenth came about. I am grateful to have a new understanding of its importance. Thank you, Dr. Colquitt.

    Same old ignorance from certain County Commissioners we have here. I must say I am tired of the comments they make in regard to the threat we are facing towards our democracy at this time. “A dog and pony show” is an ignorant description of what members of Congress are diligently working on to get to the truth and to prevent the kind of insurrection that occurred on January 6th from ever happening again. We are facing some difficult times ahead.


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