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Democratic National Convention Postponed…

Letter from KC Hanson, chair of Democratic Party of Oregon:

Hello Democrats,

Many of you may have heard the news that changes are happening regarding the schedule of the Democratic National Convention due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We at the DPO heard the news this morning the same way you did – via the DNC press release –  and we are waiting for more official details on these changes and how they will be implemented. We know that many of you are excited for this huge event and the opportunity to rally around our eventual Democratic nominee, and we will share additional information as we have it.

We have already started getting questions about Oregon’s Delegate Selection process, which includes a number of large in-person conventions that are due to take place in June. As many of you know, the plan for how Oregon elects its delegates to the National Convention is complex and requires approval from the Democratic National Committee to change.

We have some time to thoughtfully implement changes that will maintain the health and safety of Oregon Democrats, while also ensuring the widest participation possible in electing our Delegates.

Over the coming days we plan to consult with the DNC about next steps so we may report to the State Central Committee with accurate information on what kinds of adaptations are possible. I can assure you that our staff has already been working diligently to identify the options available to us that adhere to the DNC’s timeline and keep our members and our staff safe.

I know that there will be many questions about these adaptations, and I urge folks to keep an eye on their inboxes in the coming days.  Misinformation can easily breed in times like these, and I ask everyone to be patient as we navigate these new waters. The information we provide to you will be accurate and non-speculative.

Finally, I want to give a tremendous amount of gratitude to our committees, who have worked so hard to put this plan together, and to our staff, who have spent years planning for these events. I ask everyone to be kind and mindful that these events are not easy to put together, and changing them rapidly will require a great deal of labor from our team.

Thank you for all you do, and stay tuned for more information soon!

Stay Safe and Well,

KC Hanson
Democratic Party of Oregon