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COVID report from Dr. Scott Nelson and other local doctors.

In case you missed this, Dr. Scott Nelson spoke at a Grants Pass Rotary meeting last week (August 12, 2021) and had dire predictions for our community relating to COVID surges.

“We need to be prepared for an onslaught like we have never seen. It is not inconceivable that we will be like New York City, Seattle, India, or Italy within the next several weeks.”

Dr. Scott is also involved in the local Church of Latter Day Saints, and is the Chair of Grants Pass School District 7 Board of Directors.

Please get vaccinated, wear a mask in public, and stay safe.

“This is not a joke anymore” says Dr. Scott.

The Grants Pass City Council also heard from a list of local medical experts at today’s workshop (8/16/21) about the ongoing and growing health care crisis at our local hospitals. To watch what was said, view the first 30 minutes of today’s workshop here: