One of Josephine County Democrats’ goals is to promote healthy communities. That’s why we urge everyone, no matter what your political party, or what your age, to abide by Gov. Kate Brown’s Executive Order to “Stay home.”

Gov. Brown understands the only way to minimize the impact of COVID-19 is for people to avoid being exposed to it and spreading it. Since there is no vaccination for this highly contagious virus at this time, the only way to increase your chances of escaping it are to follow the guidelines set out on the Oregon Coronavirus Information & Resources Website: https://govstatus.egov.com/or-covid-19

Don’t leave your house, even for essentials if you think you may have been exposed to someone who had the virus, or if you are exhibiting any symptoms. You may not feel that bad, but one person can infect many others, who can become so seriously ill, or even die.  Hospitals area already being overwhelmed in some parts of the country. Locally, COVID-19 patients could easily overwhelm our own hospital’s ability to treat them, and reduce their capacity to care for those needing medical assistance for non COVID-19 related health issues, such as accidents or heart attack victims. 

If you must go out to the grocery store or drug store, please play it safe by keeping your practicing the recommended 6’ social distancing from others. Don’t touch your face, and wash your hands thoroughly when you get home. Please do your patriotic duty and help stop the spread of this deadly virus. The sooner we all cooperate with the Stay at Home order, the sooner our community can get back to work and back to activities they enjoy.

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Food Pickup & Delivery:

Restaurant Takeout — Support these — and don’t forget to add a tip!

For unmet needs:

  • Aging &Disability Resource Connection, ADRV of Oregon 541-618-7572


  • If delivering groceries to others, place the packages on the stoop and avoid going into the house
  • Arrange a method of payment before the groceries are delivered
  • Sew masks for healthcare workers

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