County Commissioners Week of October 25th

October 26 Tuesday Meeting with Grants PassJosephine County Commissioners had a captive audience Tuesday for grievance-airing while representatives from the Grants Pass City Council sat patiently waiting for something…anything resembling a real discussion. Their October 26 joint meeting began with City Manager Aaron Cubic asking when construction on the new transit building in town would start. Commission Chair Dan DeYoung said because they decided against installing two Portland Loos as restrooms for the facility, they had to adjust the building plans to accommodate one unisex restroom accessible from the outside.

“What will this do to your timeline for construction?” asked Cubic.

“I probably can’t answer that,” said DeYoung.

Commissioner Darin Fowler asked if he missed a meeting, since he thought they had decided against putting a restroom in the building. He said he thought he voted for the portable loos. DeYoung said they had a discussion and he suggested just putting in a unisex restroom accessible with a key. Fowler said he was sure he voted against that but shrugged and moved on.

The next topic of discussion was the city’s planning commission. City Counselor DJ Faszer wanted the county representative dropped from their Urban Area Planning Commission since all they did was talk about zoning within the city. Commissioners agreed with Fowler who said he didn’t have strong feelings either way,

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