County Commissioners Week of June 14

Commissioners got stung during the height of COVID after being accused of “playing doctor” with their anti-mask stance and refusal to endorse vaccinations so regarding the legal use of psilocybin in clinical settings they decided to let the voters play doctor and determine if it should be used in Josephine County. Proponents of the substance, derived from a certain kind of mushroom, say it is showing great promise for people with treatment-resistant mental health issues. Opponents, like Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel and Community Development Director Mark Stevenson, say it will just be another headache to enforce if legalization brings illegal manufacturing of psilocybin. However, medical professionals say psilocybin is used in such small amounts it probably wouldn’t be a very lucrative to produce. And of course every kid has known where to get hallucinogenic mushrooms since Baby Boomers were young. It was surprising to learn that two of our Commissioners had no idea what Juneteenth celebrates. It appears, at the very least, they aren’t very proficient at using Google.  And Herman is back on the radio, giving his expert advice on all things fire and all things political. One thing you learn about Herman, an avid Trump supporter, is that he doesn’t understand irony. He says “…..I love, I love to dig down and find the facts and that goes back to my years in the senate and that’s what you do and I’m kinda committee driven and I love to dig down and get the facts but when somebody just spouts out something and says ‘Hey this is what I believe’ and you should take it as a fact,’ I don’t go there.” Then later when asked if the January 6 hearings are having any effect he says, “I think the only people plotting are the far left Democrat supporters. I even think the moderate Democrats are rolling their eyes. So, they’re basically just placating to their base and hoping, hoping that something can come out of it, you know, that they can make stick. But I don’t think so. You know, it’s more of a dog and pony show.” Just-the-Facts Herman doesn’t actually want to look at the facts.

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