Cosmetics Packaging … Pilot Refillable Containers

Something from “Numlock” newsletter received today, June 6th.


The cosmetics industry is responsible for lots of trash and carbon emissions, but a study found that 70 percent of the carbon emissions that can be attributed to the cosmetics business could be eliminated should they switch to refillable containers. Every year, 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging are produced, almost all of it one-time use and much of it too small for recycling. This opportunity is prompting some trials from some serious players in the beauty biz: Procter & Gamble’s Olay skincare brand is introducing a pilot program, and it’s not just for a niche product either: P&G is testing refillable Olay Regenerist Whip, which became the best-selling new skincare product of 2018 after moving 1.26 million units.

Alexis Benveniste and Emily Chasan, Bloomberg